Darkness Risen

Yumfla - Breaking News

Garrison Officer Assassinated

This just in. We have a developing story from the Yumfla city square. Commander Jarris, an imperial officer in charge of the liason between Moff Katanka and the Yumfla Civil Authority, is dead, in what appears to be a daring daylight assassination involving two rogue Jedi and as yet unknown co-conspirators.

“I saw them Jedi jump at Jarris with they laser-swords. Then that yonder building seemed to turn into one giant blaster! Next thing I knew, grenades was flying and troopers was fallin’ left an’ right.” This eyewitness report was from local fisherman Jethro Beluuba, who immigrated from Tatooine during the height of the Clone Wars.

We’ve had no comment from Imperial Officials as of yet, other than to say that the pursuit and investigation will be thorough.

This is Fareeka Delann, reporting for Yumfla News Agency.



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