Darkness Risen

Sel Zonn Station

The party finds adventure, and each other, in helping a desperate agent of the Organas.

Sel Zonn Station, Brentaal system. Not much to say about it, just a place to go to to get where you’re really going. I found myself having a drink in a run down bar in a run down section of the station, the kind of spot where non-humans only get somewhat harrassed, instead of outright oppressed. Keeping an eye of the Promenade, where a few vendors hawk there wares, I notice a couple folks eyeing the crowd, looking for something, or someone. Wouldn’t you know it, they found her. Maya was her name, as we found out after that scuffle. The agents drew their hold-outs, and more than one drinker decided to step in. Especially after the rather rough looking girl ran to a Mon Cal and pleaded for help. Surprising at it may seem these days, I saw four folks, two other humans (Dirk and Blaine), the Mon Cal (name of Pakdar), and a Gran (Cera Naaq) draw down as I slinked off into a dark corner.

The fight was over quick enough, and we finished off the agents and what must of been two pretty raw recruits to the stormtrooper legions. We gathered up Maya and what “liberated” stuff we could and hauled off to Maya’s hideout, in the recesses of the station. Turns out she was here at the behest of the Organa family, trying to pick up what would turn out to be a quite interesting package. We patched her up and headed out to her contact, some droid name of Switch.

Well, Switch turns out to be a protocol droid that fancies himself an up and coming crime lord. Not much more than an information broker thus far, useful nonetheless. After Pakdar dropped a few hundred credits on him, we got the info on this package, and what was in it: a covert agent of Organa, frozen in carbonite! It sounded like we didn’t have much time, so we took our leave of the droid. As we tried to set off, no less than seven thugs and a rival “crime lord” jumped us, trying to get at Switch. I got clocked with a vibro-axe during the fight, but not before taking a few of them with me. We were beat up pretty bad, but we took em out with Switch’s help and got ourselves patched up and on our way to get the package.

We made our way to the loading dock by way of Blue Deck, a humans only section which required the blue blood Mon Cal to act as Dirk’s servant to avoid harrassment by the Imperials. We figured it was just as well to keep a low profile, after all the damage we’d been doing. Turns out the Imps beat us there, and we loading the frozen agent when we got the drop on em. The officer and the first two stormtroopers went down quick; the second two and the one driving the speeder truck put some hurt on us. A burst from the speeders cannon put down Pakdar, I don’t know how the hell he survived; it was a bad hit. We finished em off and gathered up the package; a quick radio call to Maya got us picked up on a ship piloted by another Organa agent, a pilot by the name of Sirona Okeefe. She got us the heck outta there, and into hyperspace towards Alderaan.

After we docked in Alderaan, I met my first Senator. Turns out, he’s not an asshole. Even better, he had work for us. We’re headed to Felucia to rescue another yahoo for him, I don’t care much who it is … he’s paying 2000 credits a head for the job. Time to get my gear together for a trip; we head out soon.

Note to self: ask Pakdar for a loan, fish-boy seems to be made of credits.




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