Darkness Risen

Felucian Rescue

Natives, Mushrooms and Rancors, oh my!

We’re on our way back from our missions to Felucia, with Admiral Varth in hand, per our benefactor’s request. We’ll rendevous with one of our benefactor’s capital ships when we get out of hyperspace, for security reasons. Mostly I’m lookin’ forward to the credits; I got shot way more times than I would like on this trip.

Felucia’s quite the savage land, close to nature, and not always in a good way. Fungi are the dominant life form, with complete mushroom forests; the canopy was 20 meters up in places. Captain OKeefe got our transport shot up a bit by a Star Destroyer when we arrived in system; forcing us down half a day or so from the prison facility. Didn’t have much choice other than hoof it in while she and Crash got the Banshee repaired.

Cera was able to guide us through most of the dangers of this fungus jungle, despite never setting foot on this planet before. About halfway to the prison, we came across a hidden village of natives, complete with an ex-Sepratist (name of Vazus Mandrake) that was adopted by the tribe of Felucians. With Vazus to translate, we were able to ingratiate ourselves to the locals, mostly by promising to blow the prison comm center up, but also by Pakdar and Dirk treating a disease that was ravaging the native younglings. Scored ourselves a nice bomb and a guide. If an imperial scout hadn’t come across the village, all would be been well. As it turns out, we had to give chase. On Kybucks. Let’s just say we had to learn REAL fast. And oh yeah, someone remind me to get farther away from dying rancors next time. To keep a long story a little less long, we killed him and made our way to the prison.

We dealt with some stormtroopers manning a comm station near the prison, and made our way in through a drain. Turns out the Empire (in all its loveliness) was experimenting on the Felucians, mutating them into some sort of soldier/monster. We had to kill a couple of them and the sick bastard that was making them, and then we made our way through the facility. I’m pretty sure the Empire wasn’t expecting us, because the infiltration when pretty well. We liberated our target, and tried to go back out the way we came in. No dice; an AT-ST and a bunch of troops were looking for us; our guide didn’t make it.

So we took our target and a few other prisoners up the turbolift to the second level. We wasted the officer in charge and a few more of his “pets,” finally making our way to the roof for a quick escape thanks to Captain OKeefe.

Seems like a good crew so far; I think I’ll stay a while yet.



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