Begun the Dark Times have.

Victory! The Separist scum have been routed and destroyed due to the valiant efforts of our Beloved Emperor and his mighty Lieutenant, Darth Vader. Peace, at long last, has come upon the galaxy.

Still, disloyalty and outright treachery to the New Order remains to be fought. Senators, awash in corruption from the decadence of the Republic, stymie the herculean efforts of our Beloved Emperor to improve the life and lifestyle of loyal Imperial citizens. Alien upstarts ever present themselves as opposing Human High Culture, the very basis of our current prosperity and liberty. Worst of all, the vile treachery of the Jedi Order still threatens to rear its ugly head through acts of terrorism, sedition, and espionage. Our Beloved Emperor has vowed to seek out these infernal sorcerors and purge this blight from our glorious New Order.

Long live Emperor Palpatine! Long live the New Order!

Darkness Risen